The persona of three distinct entities: Matthew, the "face" of Hagbard, who appears in video interviews as the allegedly true person behind the avatar; Melvin, the "voice" of Hagbard, who reads all vocal lines for the channel; and Theodore, the "brain" of Hagbard, who writes all material, jokes, and scripts assosciated with Hagbard. All three work on the editting and producing of videos. He speaks french.

A single brave YouTuber revealed the charade in great detail, allowing us all to see through the ruse. In spite of these revealing facts, many of his followers still hold the belief that he is only one person.

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Chrome 2017-01-18 21-47-15
Chrome 2017-01-18 17-57-16
Chrome 2017-01-21 14-07-01
Chrome 2017-01-16 00-05-46
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